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Granite Countertop Warranty

Contour Countertops will warranty your granite countertop for any fabrication or installation defect during the first year after initial installation, except for damage due to chemical or physical misuse, including improper cleaning or lack of cleaning, limited to indoor residential installations only.

This does not include natural characteristics of granite such as color variation, stains, water lines, surface marks or natural aging, which may include darkening on some colors, loss of shine on edge or surface and chips in high use areas. Nor does it cover damage caused by items out of our control such as settlement, fire or acts of nature, which may cause stress cracks.

Claims for damages, shortages, or other deficiencies must be made before installation. Installation constitutes acceptance. If material is not acceptable please contact Contour Countertops immediately.

No other warranties, express or implied, are made.


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