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Natural Quartz Countertops

Natural Quartz CountertopsNatural Quartz - Silestone®, Pentalquartz®, Caesarstone®, Viatera®, Zodiaq®, Curava®, Eco®

Natural Quartz adds beauty to your kitchen and elegance to your bath. Light capturing crystals of pure quartz bring a feeling of luxury to any setting. It’s durability and ease of maintenance has made Natural Quartz the countertop choice for the busy kitchen. Top rated countertop surface by Consumer Reports.

Durable ♦ Non-porous ♦ Care Free ♦ Food Safe ♦ Stain Resistant

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Care & Maintenance for Natural Quartz Countertops

Routine Care

For routine cleaning, use a damp cloth or paper towel and a small amount of non-bleach, nonabrasive cleanser such as Formula 409® or Simple Green® with a clear water rinse.

For stubborn or dried spills, use a nonabrasive cleaning pad such as a white 3M Scotch-Brite® scrub pad coupled with Formula 409® Glass and Surface Cleaner or a comparable product.

Avoid using cleansers that contain bleach, abrasive cleansers such as Comet®, Soft Scrub® products or products containing pumice, oven cleaner, SOS® pads or similar products, paint removers, furniture strippers, tarnish or silver cleaners or the like.

Preventing Heat and Other Damage

Although natural quartz surfaces are heat resistant, it is important to use common sense to minimize direct heat exposure to protect your surface and investment. Natural stone can be damaged by sudden and rapid change of temperature, especially near the edges, as well as direct or sustained heating of the top. Natural Quartz may not withstand the direct transfer of heat form hot pots and pans and other cooking units such as electric frying pans and griddles, and some crock-pots, roaster ovens and heat lamps. Therefore, the use of a hot pad or trivet is always recommended.

Natural Quartz is structurally more resistant to surface damage than other stone. However, all stone can be damaged by excessive force or pressure. Natural Quartz will resist stains from fruit juices, food coloring, coffee, tea, grape juice and nail polish. Natural Quartz high gloss finish and extremely low moisture absorption provides maximum resistance to staining and fully eliminates the need for any sealing. Its low absorbency greatly reduces the potential for bacterial growth, mold or mildew.

Avoid exposure to strong chemicals or solvents such as paint removers or furniture strippers containing trichlorethane or methylene chloride. Keep nail polish remover, bleach bluing, permanent markers, inks, and oil soaps away from natural quartz surfaces.

Highly alkaline (high-pH) cleansers are not recommended for cleaning natural quartz surfaces. If any of these substances come into contact with the surface, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water.

Removing Difficult Spills

For dried on spills (such as gum, food, grease, nail polish or paint) use a plastic putty knife to gently scrape away the substance. Follow it up with a nonabrasive cleanser.

Permanent markers and inks may adhere to the surface and should be avoided. Try cleaning first as outlined in Routine Care. If stain persists call the product manufacturer for more options.

Source: Dupont™ Zodiaq®, CaesarStone®


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