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The Process

Step 1 - How to get a project quote?

Print a copy of the Quote Worksheet:

Laminate Quote Worksheet

Quartz/Granite Quote Worksheet

Measure and sketch your countertop layout. Come and visit us at one of our showroom locations or fax us the estimate form. Bring your layout drawing and any helpful samples (cabinet door, flooring, tile) and we will help you with your countertop selections and provide you a project quote.


Print a copy of the Estimate Form. Measure and sketch your countertop layout. Contact or bring your completed Estimate Form into one of our dealer partners. They will help you with your countertop selections and provide you a project quote.

Step 2 - Estimate Approval / Purchasing your Countertop

After your price and layout have been approved, arrange collection of payment through your place of purchase authorizing us to proceed.

Contour Countertop payment terms:

Our policy is to collect 60% of the total prior to scheduling the template/field measure appointment. Balance due the day of or before the completion of the project. We accept payment by Visa or MasterCard.

Step 3 - Scheduling of Template/Field Measure

We will call you after the initial deposit is collected to schedule the template/field measure.

Step 4 - Removal of Existing Countertops prior to template/measure

  • Laminate Countertops: Existing countertops do not have to be removed prior to template/measure.
  • Stone and Solid Surface Countertops: Must be removed prior to template/measure.

You can remove the existing countertops yourself or contract this service through Contour Countertops or a third party. A 60" temporary top with sink can be made available if required.

Step 5 - Template/Field Measure

A template is an exact pattern of your cabinet layout.

To create a template for your countertops the following requirements MUST be met:

  • All cabinets must be permanently installed, plumb and level
  • All existing countertops must be removed (unless contracted with Contour)
  • All sinks, faucets and appliances must be on site
  • All corbels or supports must also be installed
  • The Decision Maker MUST be on site to confirm and sign off on all countertop details.

Step 6 - Installation

We will call you when your countertops are ready to be installed to schedule an installation date. Existing countertops must be removed prior to installation. To prepare your home for your new countertops please clear all access and entryways into your home and work area. We suggest you turn off your heating/air system to minimize the little dust that may be created.

Step 7 - Final Payment upon Completion

At the completion of the install we will collect the final payment by charging the balance to your credit card.

Our goal is to make the installation experience as painless as possible. You are the most important part of the process and if followed you will help us achieve our goal.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call. And, thank you for allowing us to provide "Picture Perfect" countertops for your home.


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